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Owl Lisp, a programming language (documentation)

Radamsa, a fuzzer (documentation)

Blab, a grammar tool (documentation)

Led, a text editor (documentation, #led)

Ei, an implementation of the standard editor

Mindo, executable pure λ-calculus / combinatory logic

Os, an experimental shell (documentation)


There are a few options for getting the above mentioned programs. The ones which have a C-version can be simply decompressed and compiled on most unixy operating systems with something like:

curl | gzip -d > foo.c
cc -O -o foo foo.c
./foo --help

The tar.gz versions contain full source code and may also install manual pages or other support material. They can be compiled and installed with the usual tar -zxf program.tar.gz && cd program && make && sudo make install.

Git sources can be cloned and then built with make