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LiFePO4 support charging

During the winter we get very little sunshine in Finland. That's why we get the winter. The bad news is that for a few months there is next to no power coming from solar panels, even if you keep snow and ice off of them.

LiFePO4 batteries are pretty easy to live with. You mainly have to keep the voltage and temperature in safe ranges. One way of keeping lithium iron phosphate batteries happy during a long dark period is to configure a charger to keep them around 50% full. So far these settings have worked well for it with a 24V 8S battery and a small Victron charger:

Battery function: Charger

Charge preset: Custom / Expert mode

Absorption voltage: 27.9V

Float: disabled

Storage: 26.3V (let it drop all the way here)

Recondition: disabled

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