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Led todo 3.7.2020led todo
Solar Powered A/C 27.6.2020cooling solar
Downloads 3.1.2020led post
Debian kernel build 28.12.2019debian linux note
arduino sensor battery stats 28.12.2019arduino data
sshfs fuse mount 28.12.2019linux note
regaining sudo 28.12.2019linux note
qemu with serial output 28.12.2019qemu
The data generator Blab 28.12.2019blab project
arduino device setup 28.12.2019arduino note
Adafruit Arduino boards 28.12.2019arduino
Radamsa 28.12.2019project radamsa
Owl Lisp 28.12.2019owl project
Proprietary JDK on Debian 28.12.2019debian java
Nested SSH tunnels 28.12.2019note ssh unix
Run a command at exit 28.12.2019note shell unix
yum notes 28.12.2019linux note redhat
Choose Java used by Lein 28.12.2019clojure java lein
Debian alternatives 28.12.2019debian note
Transfer a file to Vagrant 28.12.2019note
Ssh Screenshot 28.12.2019note ssh unix
Led Editor 28.12.2019led project
Owl Shell 28.12.2019os project
xterm titles 28.12.2019note unix
Raspberry Camera 28.12.2019raspberry
Simple repository setup 28.12.2019git note
Raspberry Pi 4 notes 28.12.2019raspberry